Developing an online presence for your practice

It might seem strange to some people that a veterinarian website would be such a big deal for a vets office. Advertising is not something we tend to think of when we think of vets. However, nowadays maintaining a high quality veterinarian website is a good idea for just about every practice, and not just to help you attract new patients. Having a good veterinarian website is also an ideal way to help owners keep their pets healthy in between visits. Healthier pets means happier owners, which in turn means more referrals and more business. Really, build a good veterinarian website is not much different from building a website for any other business. Your veterinarian website still needs to be professionally developed, with a good layout, easy accessibility and a high level of polish. When it comes to a veterinarian website specifically, here are some things to consider adding.

Having a section where owners can go to get health and wellness advice for their pets is a popular feature. Many common pet health problems are preventable, or at least treatment options improve with early detection. Giving pet owners a resource to keep their animals healthy, as well as providing them with the tools to spot conditions early, helps build trust with you patients, and more importantly it keeps their pets healthy. Another great idea is an option to allow your patients to chat with you or your staff via instant messaging. Many times pet owners have quick and easy health questions about their pets that do not require making an appointment. By providing this chat option you can help answer these questions quickly and easily and also free up more of your time to focus on the big needs of truly sick animals.

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