How Brian L Katz and American Real Estate Partners can help

Brian L. Katz is one of the founding partners of American Real Estate Partners, a real estate investment firm. As like other investment firms, Brian L. Katz and American Real Estate Partners help their clients with commercial real estate investments, as well as real estate financial instruments. Leading a team with that has over 125 years of combined experience, Brian L. Katz and American Real Estate Partners are available to help anyone that has questions or concerns regarding any potential commercial real estate investment.

Brian L. Katz received his Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University. Shortly after enrolled in John Hopkins University, where he went on to earn a Masters in Real Estate. This valuable education became the foundation for a successful career in commercial real estate and development. After graduation from John Hopkins University, Brian L. Katz went on to work for Cushman and Wakefield, where he rose up to become a senior director for twelve years. During this time Brian. L Katz became known throughout the world of commercial real estate as one of the best brokers to work with.

Today Brian L. Katz continues this line of work as the President and COO of American Real Estate Partners, where he is currently also serves as the head of the Operational Committee. Both Brian L. Katz and the other members of American Real Estate Partners have only a few goals in mind, which is to seek out opportunities, manage the risks as closely as possible and create value.

Today American Real Estate Partners handles over one and a half billion dollars in commercial, residential and industrial real estate and assets. The companies reach extends across many major markets along the Eastern Seaboard, including New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Raleigh and Northern Virginia.

Together with CEO Douglas E. Fleit, Brian L. Katz has taken his vision of commercial real estate to new heights with American Real Estate Partners. No matter what kind of questions, concerns or investments one may be interested in bringing up, American Real Estate Partners and Brian L. Katz could very well be the best around to help anyone find a solution.

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