Deciding Whether Self Storage Pods are the Right Choice

Self storage

Despite the fact that self storage pods are relatively new to the market they do offer quite a competitive edge. Self storage facilities are more commonly used but there are several benefits to portable self storage options. The portability of these pods take storage to a whole new level. However it is best to be aware of the pros and cons of portable self storage units in order to determine if the choice is right for you.

Some of the pros involved with self storage pods include the fact that they offer security. You can keep an eye on your stored items by placing your pod near you rather than in a storage facility. Storage facilities are susceptible to break ins which could result in the loss of your valuables. You can place your storage pods on your property in order to keep your belongings near you while still freeing your living space of unnecessary clutter.

An additional benefit to the use of self storage pods is the fact that they offer plenty of size options. Storage is no longer a one size fits all. Many storage facilities ask for the same monthly price with very little size options available. Self storage pods are great for storing large or small items and that also guarantees pricing that suits your specific storage needs.

Despite the benefits there are also downfalls to consider. If you rent you will have to check with the property manager since some of them may have rules as per the placement of self storage pods. Some property managers do not allow the placement of self storage pods on their property. In this case you will have to find additional storage options to choose from such as the use of self storage facilities.

Another thing to consider is whether you need storage for short distances or moving back and forth between long distances. For shorter distances, a storage facility may be the better option. However, self storage pods units may serve useful when you need to transport your stored units between locations that are a good distance away from each other. See this link for more.

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