Rely On The Use Of A Turbidity Curtain

Spill control plan

Turbidity curtains have quite a few different names. Sometimes, a turbidity curtain is also known as a silt curtain, a silt barrier or a turbidity barrier. Many jobs in the general contracting world that are going to take place near a water source will require the use of a turbidity curtain in order to keep the water safe from contaminants that could result from the project. Silt and sediment must be contained in order to meet the requirements of environmental impact minimize nation. Environmental impact minimization is a necessary function of most general contracting operations these days, and this is why any contractor that takes a lot of projects on that are near water, on water or involving dredging should include the use of a turbidity curtains.

There are several acts at the local, state and even federal level that will impact your work if you are going to take on a project near water. Some of these acts, which include the Clean Water Act, the national pollution discharge elimination system and several other localized acts, are more than likely going to include a lot of flowery language about how to protect the environment that you do not want to think about as you try to complete a project on time. However, failure to meet the standards that are set by these acts could lead to heavy fines. You will also have a hard time getting work from other job owners when you have to work on a bridge, managing excavation of the lot near a body of water or other job if you do not meet the requirements of these various acts.

Dredging work also requires a keen sense of timing. Your turbidity curtain should be on the job as soon as you get started. If you are going to start doing work that requires a turbidity curtain, be sure to find a supplier of one of these curtains that offers excellent prices as you try to keep your job safe for both the workers on your staff, the public in the general area and the environment around your project. Research suppliers of turbidity curtains and other environmental safety products on the web, or speak with a contractor you know who has taken on major jobs that require the use of one of these curtains. Online research and contractor recommendations may help you keep the cost of curtain ordering to a minimum.

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