Filtered Bottleless Water Coolers Are An Improvement On Traditional Water Bottle Systems, Since They Eliminate The Risk Of Bacteria Being Introduced To Water Being Dispensed

Plumbed water coolers

Governmental funding of bottled water purchases have been banned in such major cities as San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Chicago. This is in the name of environmental protection. Environmental protection is an increased concern for most municipalities that want to improve their levels of sustainability across all departments. While traditional bottled water use is still popular for places with poor water quality, a trend toward a reduced amount of plastic use has occurred across the nation. This trend is worth capitalizing on if your organization is committed to improving how sustainable it is. The carbon foot print of your company, which is a metric of how much impact your organization has on the future of resources that are provided by nature, is very important to employees with a keen sense of environmental responsibility. In fact, providing filtered bottleless water coolers and other forms of sustainable utilities might help you attract the best talent available for specific functions, including earth friendly accountants, attorneys, customer service representatives and managers.

A bottleless water cooler can lead to several health benefits, as studies have suggested that decreasing water intake will lead to fat deposit increases, though drinking more water can reduce fat deposits. Some bottleless water coolers, including a point of use water cooler, will be expensive to install. However, the overall benefits of point of use water coolers will become apparent as you spend less on plastic bottles, the cost of having your recycled materials gathered, and more. Some filtered bottleless water coolers will use a process called reverse osmosis, while other filtered bottleless water coolers rely on carbon filtration, or ozone and ultraviolet methods. Despite a trend toward the use of bottled water in recent decades, most professionals in the sciences and health industries have proclaimed this trend as unhealthy for both the individual and the planet. Most bottled while producers, including those that produce individual bottles and the large carboys, will gather municipal water, filter it and then bottle it. In other words, using buzz words such as glacier water, filtered water and more are just marketing tactics. Switching to filtered bottleless water coolers will help you avoid these clever, if misleading, branding strategies. Local experts on filtered bottleless water coolers can help your company improve its commitment to sustainability, so research filtered bottleless water coolers and the professionals that can improve your business model by looking around online for support.

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