The Essential Functions of a Distribution Subtation

Electrical switchboards

Your end users need voltage. You need to convert it to the required usable voltage levels. This is where the distribution substation comes in handy. The distribution substation, a bank of step down transformers located near your end users, will convert your voltage closer to the required usable levels. So if you want to supply voltage to your internal or external customers, the distribution substation provides just the power you need.

A distribution subtation includes an incredibly complex system, which allows it to operated properly and dependably. Among the highly sophisticated apparatuses within a distribution substation are electrical switchboards, a siemens bus plug, a non segregated phase bus, and medium voltage switchgear. With so many high tech parts, all of which must work together, breakdown is inevitable. But it is amazing that when you consider all of the things that could potentially malfunction at any given moment, that more breakdows do not occur. The reliability of a distribution substation speaks volumes for the engineers behind their design, as well as the engineers behind their maintenance.

For all of us who take our power for granted, it is because of systems like a distribution substation that makes taking electricity for granted possible. It is a vast understatement to say that the brains behind the apparatuses that make up a distribution substation deserve more attention. In America, citizens heap unwarranted praise and worship upon people because they are able to hit a ball with a stick or put a ball through a hoop; yet life as it is would not exist without the distribution substation and the people behing these amazingly sophisticated systems.

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