Why Chose Fremont Urgent Care

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Fremont urgent care helps to provide medical care for people during those gaps in coverage by primary care doctors. In fact, today, fewer than one third of all primary care doctors provide such gap care. Only 29 percent of the practicing primary care doctors in the United States offer coverage for medical care after hours.

This means that many people must choose other options if they need medical care. Urgent care fremont offers just such an alternative. Indeed, for those adult patients who sought out care from their local emergency room, many of them, 48 percent , did not require admittance to their local hospital. They could find high quality care at a Fremont urgent care.

Unavailability is not the only reason why people seek out medical care at an urgent care Fremont CA. With the average visit to an emergency room running about $1500, a Fremont urgent care can cost a patient significantly less. The average visit to a Newark urgent care, for example, costs less than $150.

A Fremont urgent care is part of a trend that has been growing in the United States for a number of years. With almost 9000 urgent care facilities, such as urgent care Milpitas, the number is forecast to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The urgent care centers of today offer many other services to their patients, much like a traditional primary care doctor.

In addition to seeing patients for their urgent medical needs, urgent care facilities today often offer other services as well. These include diagnostic services like xrays and phlebotomy. Indeed, the Urgent Care Association of America has set forth criteria that states their member facilities must offer such services. Today, many people use urgent care facilities as their primary care physicians. This often allows them to save time and money.

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