Making Sure Your Payroll Is Taken Care Of Properly

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Every year, more than eight million penalties are assessed by the IRS because of incorrect or delinquent remittance of federal payroll taxes. Most people do not think that taxes can accrue such heavy penalties, but they can. That is why payroll accounting can help. Over 500,000 small businesses use Paychex payroll, human resources and employee benefits products. This allows for better payroll processing and no errors in any way regarding it. Payroll services can help keep you out of danger as far as taxes go. Outsourcing payroll processing is the single best way to prevent in house payroll fraud. It will be harder to (more…)
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Suffolk Private Schools

Independent schools in hampton roads, Private schools in hampton roads, Suffolk private schools
Sending a kid to school is incredibly important. The education of a person is never complete until his or her death, but it all starts with preschool or kindergarten. Choosing a public or private school is always up to the parent, and can be decided by a number of different factors. In the state of Virginia particularly, education for children is crucial. Parents may be particularly religious, and as such they may choose to send their kids to independent schools in hampton roads. Private schools offer more strictness and integration of values, and they do not stick to the regents tests like public schools. Private schools in Hampton Roads offer a great curriculum and advanced courses to kids, provided the pare (more…)
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Want to Host a Better Event? Try Renting a Photo Booth!

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Last week I went to a wedding that had rental photo booths, and, I have to say, it was probably the coolest thing there at the reception (even better than the open bar). But I wondered, how much are photo booth rentals? I mean, they had to be pretty expensive, right? Surprisingly, they were actually very affordable my cousin said. He put me in touch with a photo booth company, and I learned all about them. You see, the patent for the first ever automated photography machine was filed way back in 1888, by William Pope and Edward Poole of Baltimore, Maryland. That same year, Kodak became the first company to sell cameras to the public. The first modern photo booth appeared 37 years later on B (more…)
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Day Care or Preschool Either Way, Get them Out and Socialized Young

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No matter what you are looking for, when you are searching for something like "daycare tips for parents", you will always find the statistics encouraging you to make sure that you child has some form of early child care or even early childhood education. Notice that I said "daycare tips for parents", and not "preschool tips", because, at so young an age, preschool and early childhood education are not necessarily any better than your standard daycare. While they can learn a little bit in that preschool setting, the whole point of making sure that your child is involved in some sort of multi child immersion, like daycare or preschool, is that they benefit from the social aspects, not the educational. Enrolling your chil (more…)
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