The Tub You Walk Into

Walk in bathtubs

A walk in bath tub is a good investment for a house if you are moving toward retirement and are looking to improve that you already have. Most injuries happen in the tub, but a walk in bath tub can help resolve this problem. And there is not the problem with leaking that you would think there would be with walk in baths. On the contrary, when you walk into one of these walk in bathtubs, the walkin bathtub seals from the inside. This makes it so that there is no leakage.

Many people ask the question “What is it that a walk in bathtub does?” Typically, it has a seal that is hydrostatic. This enables it to be closed and latched and as the tub fills with water, the water will in fact make it more sealed. That is part of the ingeniousness of the engineering.

Of course, this kind of tub has become increasingly popular as more and more babyboomers have begun to look for options that will allow them to get into a tub easily without experiencing some kind of injury. Injuries are fairly common in the bathroom and they usually happen around the tub. According to This Old House, one of the give growing trends in bathroom renovation are walkin tubs.

One thing is for certain. William Howard Taft probably would have appreciated having that kind of tub. He was the heaviest president in world history at 332 lbs and he, in fact, was stuck in the White House tub at one point, requiring that the White House install a new bathtub. He eventually lost the weight, became a Supreme Court Justice and lived a healthier lifestyle. But he also demonstrated that one size most certainly does not fit all. And it definitely did not fit him. Helpful research also found here:

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