What is Commercial Real Estate Development?

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Real estate development is a complex process that requires the expertise of people and companies in many different fields. Without a reliable and experienced team, a commercial real estate developer can run afoul of political, economic, or environmental laws and regulations. For this reason, it is absolutely critical for a commercial real estate development company to have developed excellent relationships and friendships with professionals in a variety of industries. The larger the commercial real estate developer, the more complex the process can become, but even the smallest commercial real estate developers have to deal with many competing concerns.

Commercial real estate developers run the gamut from small companies with only a few staff who contract out the majority of the rest of the work, to giant conglomerates that can provide everything from architecture to engineering. Commercial real estate developers will find it necessary to work with all sorts of people along the way while developing a piece of commercial real estate. Architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents, and others are all vital to the real estate development process, and a commercial real estate developers contacts in those industries can make or break a project, or even jeopardize their real estate development funding.

A commercial real estate developer must organize and direct all of the different facets of development into a coherent whole that produces the desired results. The real estate developer can be responsible for organizing everything from buying land, financing real estate, building property, creating and imagining the end result, and eventually leasing and selling the resulting structure. A good commercial real estate developer will have the necessary contacts in all of the various industries and be able to orchestrate the entire process from inception to completion.

America’s Capital Partners, led by Brian L. Katz, is one such commercial real estate developer that can provide the kind of comprehensive service that is necessary in such a complex process as real estate development. Currently managed by its President and CEO, Brian L. Katz, ACP’s philosophy is to “Identify opportunity, manage risk and create value.” Commercial real estate developers like Brian l katz take on the most risk of anybody in the development process, and ACP is adept at managing that risk. Given ACP and Brian L. Katz’s large stable of development partners, ACP has nurtured the partnerships and relationships needed to thrive in such a multifaceted industry.

America’s Capital Partners and Brian Katz are just one of many commercial real estate developers, but given the nature of real estate development, it is smart to partner with a developer that is as concerned with ultimately creating value as America’s Capital Partners.

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