Changing Locations to Change the Business Model

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Not every location is the perfect fit for every office. Sometimes business moving is the only option when sales are down. Maybe all your company needs is a change of scenery. Office moves can breathe new life into your business. But, once you have figured out that it is time to move your office, how do you go about planning an office move?

Well, the first step to planning an office move will be to choose a location. You cannot very well move your office without a strategically selected place to move it to, right? Picking a new city will be the first step in your office move plan. You want to pick some place that will promote a healthy flow of business, and be pleasant to live in, both financially and in terms of comfort and safety.

If you are planning an office move, St. Louis may be just the place for you. I have heard so many people raving about how successful their companies have become upon moving to St. Louis. Kiplinger magazine did name it one of the “10 Great Cities to Start Up a Business.” Along with Austin, Texas, St. Louis is one of the most commonly cited cities to move to in order to revamp or spearhead a business.

Those planning an office move to St. Louis should be very pleased to learn that the city has a self employed cost of living score of 92.3 out of 100. This is likely due to the lowered taxes that self employed individuals are required to pay. They are much lower than most other locations in the United States. St. Louis is also the third largest inland port, according to tonnage.

When planning an office move, an office moving checklist will definitely be of service. You will also want to use a cloud based server for business during the relocation, this way your data does not have to be in one location, you can access it from anywhere on the road along the way. Also, when planning an office move, keep in mind that there are moving companies who specialize in just such a relocation. Looking into hiring one of them will make your move go a lot smoother.

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