Do You Know How to Properly Pack a Pod?


Many families and individuals are finding that the traditional moving options, either hiring movers, or renting and packing a truck, are no longer convenient. The introduction of pods into the moving scene was a welcome change, and proved to be more convenient and affordable for people looking to store items, or move to a new location. If you have decided to go this route for yourself, do you know the steps for properly packing a portable storage container? Whether you are packing your entire house for a move, or just a room or two that needs to go into temporary storage, these tips can help.

  • Research.

  • Do you know where your portable storage
    building is? If you are not having the pod brought to another building, is the portable storage unit going to be staying on your property? Before you can decide what to pack, it is important to thoroughly understand your options and decide on a course of action for what you will be storing or moving. Look for a company that meets your needs in terms of onsite or offsite storage before you start packing anything up.

  • Eliminate junk.
  • Portable self storage is pretty convenient to begin with, but it is even more useful when you are not packing away garbage. As a general rule before packing away items or moving, always seek to eliminate as much junk as possible either through a yard sale, donations, or recycling. Even if you only rid yourself of a box or two of old papers, clothes that need to be donated, or failed DIY projects, that would be one or two boxes that you do not have to pack at the end of the day.

  • Get uniform boxes.
  • The great advantage to self storage pods is that they have a box shape. Therefore, to pack as much as possible, all you need to do is ensure that your own belongings are all contained in box-shaped containers. Getting uniform boxes will allow you to maximize the amount of room that is available, as opposed to trying to make long rectangular boxes line up next to perfect cubes. If you like playing Tetris, then that is one thing, but most people would prefer to have an easy and stress-free time of packing and unpacking their belongings.

  • Pack it to the top.

  • Your portable storage
    container will be more secure when it moves, and also more efficiently used if you attempt to pack it all the way to the top. Ask the company that you are renting from if they have straps that can help to secure your belongings, if you are worried that the towers of boxes are not stable.

It is likely that whichever company you choose, they will also have tips and tricks for effectively packing your pod, so gather up all the wisdom that you can before you start putting your clothes into baskets, or packing away those credit card statements from ten years ago. Using these tips you can get the most out of your portable storage container. For more information, read this website.

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