How to Choose the Perfect Channel Setting Engagement Ring

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Making up your mind to ask someone to share their life with you is a monumental moment. Tears will flow, and your lives will change in an instant. Marriage; it remains one of the most important parts of our lives.

Deciding to get married begins with conversation, continues with a question, and ends with the presentation of a ring. This tradition began in Ancient Egypt. The circle shape was meant to symbolize an eternal cycle and its space a gateway. Your ring should represent everything you see in your future wife, everything you hope for in your future together. It should be no wonder, then, that we worry so much about how to find the perfect engagement ring.

Do we go with a channel setting engagement ring offered by Tacori, mixing the classic with the modern? Maybe we go with something singular, incorporating a unique three stone set up. The choices are limitless. If you are looking for engagement rings that will fit your love perfectly, read on.

  • What Material is Best?
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    When searching for perfect engagement rings, we assume that gold is the best option. However, platinum bands offer better security to gem stones. Further, they require less maintenance than silver and gold bands. Platinum channel setting engagement rings, in particular, add security as a majority of the diamonds are housed in the band itself, protecting them from being knocked loose. Regardless of the material you choose, consider wedding sets, made up of an engagement ring and wedding band, that can be bought together to ensure matching.

  • Consider the Four C’s
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    Everyone assumes that bigger is better when it comes to diamonds, but we’re here to tell you that you do not need the Hope Diamond to make your future fiancee happy. The Hope Diamond, a 45.52 carat deep-blue diamond, is among the world’s most famous stones and sits in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The “Four C’s”, cut, clarity, color, and carat, should be considered together to find quality jewelry that fits. Consider, according to Business Insider, a smaller diamond cut correctly with high clarity will appear larger than a lesser-grade diamond of greater size.

  • Be Prepared to Spend
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    A popular myth for buying an engagement ring is that it should cost the sum of three-month’s salary. However, the perfect engagement ring, channel setting engagement ring or otherwise, costs what it costs. On average, engagement rings will cost around $9,000. You should realize that your choice should not depend on some arbitrary time period. Rather, it should depend on what you think your future wife will be happy with.

Keep Her in Mind the Entire Time%3Cbr%3E

Whether you are looking for a channel setting engagement ring or Halo engagement rings, these tips will help you find what you are looking for. However, for true success you need to keep her in mind the entire time. What is her personal style? What are her favorite colors? No one knows her better than you. Put that to use to find the perfect expression of love for this milestone in your life.

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