The Short List of Helpful Machinery Info

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Did you know that during the rebound after 2008’s financial collapse, manufacturing has been leading the American economic recovery? Investing in this booming industry is well worth it, but first it’s of import to learn a little bit about the industry. Even learning that all basic machines tools perform one of two functions (constraining workpieces, and providing guided movements) can help!

So, to help you, here’s a short list of some of the tools and machinery used!


A presetter, according to Tooling U, is a device on the lathe used to quickly determine tool geometry offsets on the X- and Z-axis. The presetter’s tool tip contacts surfaces on the probe, which instantly records the turret position in the offset screen. According to Practical Machinist, presetter machines are well worth the money for a shop of any size.

Boring Tools.

At first, gun drilling and cannon boring were developed to make the barrels of firearms and artillery, but today these machining techniques find usage in a variety of different industries. By using a single-point cutting tool, the boring process involves enlarging a hole that’s already been drilled.


If a solution for high-speed, high-velocity machining with the largest range of projections is needed, than toolholding products are definitely the way to go. No application takes the same toolholding system though, because you cannot compromise precision in regards to toolholding.

If you have any questions about any of these products, like presetters, feel free to ask in the comments! More on this topic.

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