What to Look For in a Sales Representative

Hiring sales reps

Did you know that of every sales professional in North America, 40 percent will miss their quota? Twenty-two percent of all sales professionals are untrainable, and only a paltry ten percent of sales reps in North America will actually provide a return on investment. As those numbers indicate, a career in sales is not the most secure, and even a job in sales is difficult to retain for an extended period of time without the proper skills and dedication to the trade.

On that note, almost a third of all sales people have been with their current company for less than a year. Sales people can only make it in a career in sales with the proper mix of skills and intangibles. Things like charisma, adaptability, confidence and enthusiasm can be extremely beneficial qualities, and can make a sales person very successful.

However, hiring sales people can be difficult. Finding the right person for the culture, company and industry can be quite a challenge. As such, sales recruitment agencies can bridge the gap. Recruitment firms know exactly what to look for, and can provide the perfect solution in staffing your sales agency. While there are recruitment firms for average sales people, there are also recruitment agencies that look for executives.

Executive search professionals often have a wide range of contacts in their field, and have a firm grip of the network. Executive recruiting firms typically only look for high potential people and place them in high ranking positions. As some executive positions are extremely important, it is a necessity to have the best people at the top if you want your company to succeed.

Ultimately, a career in sales is only for people who can truly handle all the stresses. It is sometimes difficult to convince people to buy a particular product or service, but if the product is truly quality and the sales person knows the product or service inside and out and can exude confidence, it can go a long way and potentially make that sales person a sales superstar.

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