Why Men and Women Need to Find a Good Divorce Attorney

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Every one of us enters into marriage with the best intentions. We want a life with someone; to be happy through the good times and the bad. Unfortunately, more and more, that is simply not the case. In 2000, there were over 957,200 divorces finalized in the United States. 13 years later, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are set to be more than 2.4 million divorces this year.

Divorces can be expensive, ugly things that cost us as much of our hard earned finances as they do our hope and faith in the ideas of love and humanity. However, finding a good divorce attorney can help alleviate some of the most common issues associated with divorce. Finding a divorce attorney for women as well as men is crucial to a successful, civil process.

  • Cooler Heads Prevail
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    The fact is that passions run high when proceedings for divorce begin. Petty shouting matches and actions fueled by rage and pain often result from the very real, almost visceral emotions coming out of this extremely troubling time. Arizona divorce lawyers can effectively serve as a calming presence. Divorce is not a pleasant process, but there is no reason it needs to escalate to something else.

  • Equal Representation
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    Divorce lawyers in arizona understand that divorce proceedings, like many things in the United States, are still heavily weighed in men’s favor. Consider, Aristotle put the prime of life for men and women at 37 and 18 years, respectively. The Visigothic Code of Law in the 7th century placed the prime of life in the mid twenties when men and women would be married. In Senegal, the age of consent for marriage is 20 for men and 16 for females. The fact is, as history shows, marriage and divorce is weighed heavily to give control to men over women. For this reason, finding a divorce attorney for women is important in securing equal representation for all.

  • Fairness in All Things
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    Divorces should be fair and equal for all parties involved. Note, however, that this fairness has to extend beyond the parting spouses. On average, Americans have just under 2.5 children per household. Divorce proceedings need to be carried out in a way that protects the relationships between mothers, fathers, and their children. Children of divorced families have much higher divorce rates than those whose parents remained together. This shows that parents set a definite example of how to interact with others. A divorce attorney for women or men can help to keep things civil to protect the children.

  • There is No Need for a Public Affair
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    The median length of marriages in the United States is 11 years. Of the following divorces, 90% are settled out of court. One of the main reasons for this is because no one wants a long, dragged-out, or public divorce proceeding. Finding an Arizona divorce attorney for women or for men can help to have things settled out of court to avoid public embarrassment.

As these facts show, spouses on both sides of the equation need to find a divorce attorney that can make this as painless of a process as possible. Just remember, finances, reputation, and the happiness of children are all potentially caught up in this ugly business. Divorce lawyers can help to mitigate these issues. Visit here for more.

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