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I, like many other people, perhaps even you, often look for a new hobby or other ways to show off my creative side. I have tried needlework, knitting, and all sorts of other crafts. I even tried cooking new gourmet recipes. My family has banned me from this activity for the foreseeable future. Then I stumbled onto pottery. This was a great way for me to use up those hours of time when my kids were at school, and it is also sort of messy, which I like.

During my first how to make pottery class from my local clay suppliers store, I discovered the history of pottery goes back to prehistoric times. The process of forming pottery by hand is actually the oldest known type of pottery. Currently, there are several methods used by potters. There is the usual hand forming, casting, injection molding, and throwing the pieces on a potters wheel. There are all sorts of tools and supplies that you can find from clay suppliers that help with whichever process you want to try.

Clay suppliers and pottery will let you have a great time being creative as well as producing lovely, useable pieces. My first piece was a bowl that I created using the hand formed method. I used clay pieces and ceramic supplies from clay suppliers and joined them together using a substance called slip. I saw my classmates using slabs of clay and even balls of clay to create their bowls. I thought it was very interesting.

Then, at another class at my clay suppliers place, I got to try my hand at the potters wheel. My clay suppliers also told me that this process dates back to early English history. It was actually a lot of fun to put that chuck of clay onto the turntable of the wheel. Luckily, my clay suppliers class had a pottery wheel that was electric so it made the process a lot easier. Now, I am going to tell you that the process looks easy when it is performed by someone who knows what they are doing. My first attempt, even with my clay suppliers help, was a creative looking blog. Later attempts were much more successful.

Go out and find clay suppliers that offer classes, and pottery supplies and pottery tools and you may have found your new hobby! I know I did.
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