Is Your Community Feeling a Bit Too Overcrowded?

Bozeman construction

Is your community feeling a little crowded? Have you considered moving, but can’t find a suitable place to live because of the available homes or because of the available areas?

Well, you should definitely consider moving to the Big Sky region, which is one of the last places in the Rocky Mountain West that’s not only uncrowded, but also surrounded by vast regions of unspoiled land. There were only 2,308 people residing there, as of the census of 2010, which gives it a population density of just 10.1 people per square mile.

Although this low population is certainly one attractive quality of the area, another aspect that’s well worth considering are the custom luxury home builders available in the area. Within the U.S. are an estimated 500 companies that can build genuine handcrafted log housing, and other rustic accomodations. This means that you can not only live in an area akin to older, simpler times, but you can also hire custom luxury home builders to further replicated that experience, and put you at ease.

These custom luxury home builders are growing in popularity as well, as single-family home construction increased by an estimated 24% from 2011 to 2012. This may be because of the fact that after owners get to look at an average of 100 floor plans to decide which layout is perfect for their lifestyle, the custom luxury home builders go ahead and construct it.

Between living in a place that’s comfortably uncrowded and having custom home designers build your perfect homestead, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get away to the Big Sky region? If you have any questions about custom luxury home builders, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more blogs like this.

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