The Importance of Using the Right Motor Oil

Motor oil matters

Many people don’t realize it, but having the right motor oil in a vehicle is instrumental to maintaining top performance in said vehicle. Motor oil types are all different, and the right motor oil for one car might not be the same as the right motor oil for another car. As such, it is important that when you buy a car, you make sure you are using the best motor oil for your car.

According to the EPA, two hundred million gallons of oil are improperly disposed of every year. In addition, the EPA has said that two gallons of used oil, if properly recycled, is enough to run the electricity of an average home for 24 hours. Clearly, motor oil is very powerful, and it can make or break the performance of a vehicle.

Many people don’t know what motor oil to use in their car. However, any professional in a mechanic’s shop or oil change facility can take a look at what make and model you are driving and help people realize what motor oil to use. Plus, they can tell you that putting too much oil into your car can cause the crankshaft to dip into the oil, which can churn air into the oil and cause foaming and even fluctuations in oil pressure. As such, it is very important not only to use the right kind of motor oil, but the right quantity as well.

People use dipsticks to measure the level of a liquid in a space that is inaccessible. Dipsticks are inserted then removed and checked to see how much of the stick came in contact with the liquid. Importantly, as motor oil standards are different, some cars require more motor oil than others. However, the levels of motor oil in a vehicle should be checked regularly, and motor oil should be regularly replaced as well.

Every motor oil is different. the Society of Automotive Engineers established a numerical grading system to help people figure out what motor oil to use. Motor oils are classified according to their viscosity. At the end of the day, only professionals and car experts know what motor oil to use in what car, and their advice should be trusted. More:

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