The Three Most Essential Pieces of Horse Riding Wear

Horse riding equipment

Did you know that one out of every 63 Americans is involved with horses in at least one way, shape or form? In fact, the horse riding industry is approximately worth $112 in the United States! As it’s such a popular industry, there are a variety of appropriate of different horse riding gear that have been created to allow the rider and the horse to comfortably, and safely enjoy the ride. If new to the game, here are a few pieces of essential horse riding wear to get you started!


Horse riding boots have a huge cost range, from anywhere between $100 to $1,000. Price isn’t or shouldn’t be a determining factor for this piece of horse riding wear, though, as the comfort and fit should be. These pieces of horse riding wear should have about a heels that’s an inch to one and a half inches for maximum support. This is because the heel slots into the stirrup and holds your foot in the correct place, which will keep you from slipping through the opening.


Horse riding helmets
are possibly the most important pieces of horse riding wear to own, because they protects your head in the event of a fall or accident. After all, despite how confident you are in your horse, accidents do happen. When riding an adult horse, your head can be as high up as at least 15 feet off the ground. A fall from such heights could cause serious injury. In fact, wearing a helmet very well could save your life.


A saddle is the key piece of horse riding wear that allows you to ride your horse safe and comfortably over long periods of time. There are two main types of saddles: English and Western. Both have been designed to give the rider the maximum amount of control over the horse, but each are designed for different kinds of riding. Western style saddles were designed by cowboys in the American West to allow an individual to ride their horse for hours at a time, making them better for work purposes. English style saddles are better for competitions, such as racing, show jumping, and dressage.

With these three pieces of essential horse riding wear, you’ll become a master rider. Of course, there are pieces of horse riding equipment, such as horse blankets or horse riding pants, that you can get to ensure your ride is both safe and comfortable. If you have any questions about horse riding wear, feel free to ask in the comments.

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