Three Tools and Supplies Needed to Begin Making Pottery

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Did you know that the history of pottery is mostly prehistoric? Pottery making began in pre-literate cultures, and it has since become a popular artistic activity. Before beginning to make pottery, however, it is important to obtain all the correct pottery tools and supplies. By doing so, your pottery making experience will be more rewarding.

1. Clay. The first thing you need to acquire in order to make pottery is clay. Ceramic pottery is generally made using either stoneware, earthenware, or porcelain. By obtaining the right type of clay, you will be able to make the exact type of pottery you want.

2. Pottery wheel. Although clay can be formed by hand, pottery wheels produce smooth designs more quickly. The process of using a pottery wheel is called “throwing,” which is when the potter rotates the clay on the center of the turntable with a stick. Although pottery wheels are not always necessary, they will allow you to create designs more efficiently.

3. Kiln. A pottery kiln is used to “fire” the clay, which is the process of removing all moisture from it in order to permanently harden it. The earliest forms of pottery were fired at low temperatures in open bonfires, but pottery today is typically fired using electric, wood-burning, coal, or gas kilns. The pottery can then be decorated after it is fired, but clay can sometimes be decorated before the firing process, as well.

Although pottery making can be rewarding, it is important to obtain all the proper tools and supplies before beginning your artistic venture. A pottery wheel, kiln, and clay are all needed to start the pottery making process. By acquiring them, your experience will be more efficient and rewarding. More:

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