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Eighty-two percent of Americans use the internet on a day to day basis. This fact alone is a great reason for expanding businesses onto online platforms. However, this act is no longer making the 5 O’clock news. Instead the latest developments in online marketing are negotiating many different variables of internet trends and using those analyses to develop sound marketing strategy.

So what are internet marketing firms doing now, and how can you use those developments to better your online marketing?

Internet marketing firms are focussing, first and foremost, on developing individuality. Clean lines and a personalized website design using search engine optimized content are characterizing the work of great website design firms. NO matter the platform, whether it be WordPress other website platforms, or developing from scratch the best internet marketing firms are providing one-of-a-kind and geared online presences.

Here are some of the best attributes to look for in custom web designers. Internet marketing firms are incorporating search engine optimization more than ever before. Over 88% of US internet users, ages 14 and up, will browse or research products online in 2012. Approximately 40% of those will follow up on social media, requesting information before making a purchase.

Much like SEO, social media is also taking key roll in the development of online marketing strategies. Social media activity has risen by 712% since 2005, and is expected to continue growing. Internet marketing services with an emphasis on SEO, and social media are playing an increasingly significant roll in today’s world for any company in their marketing strategy. So much so, that many companies have decided to skip television, newspaper, radio ads, and direct mail in favor of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, a custom web design, organic seo, pay per click, and email campaigns.

A local Oregon SEO company is the best bet. SEO strategists working with small and niche storefront-businesses have found that targeting locally is earning better returns on investment. While amassing many followers is still great, amassing that support from those who are close enough to vista, ask questions, and shop around is even better. By pairing locally based search engine optimization with social media, many businesses are finding that they can reach more customers more effectively.

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