Three Underrated Rochester Gems Worth Checking Out

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According to the latest weather data, Rochester, New York, currently has the dubious distinction of being the snowiest city out of any large city in the U.S., with a yearly average of over eight feet of snow.

When we’re scraping off ice every morning before going to work, it’s hard to feel proud of this number one status. However, underneath the blanket of snow, Rochester is a pulsing hub of local activities and events. Here are three underrated Rochester gems that you can check out in any weather.

1. Rochester Dollar Theater

Okay, so the dollar theater isn’t truly a dollar — it’s two. In other words, this is still great value for your money, and makes you feel less guilty about buying a giant tub of buttery popcorn. I went to the Buffalo Road theater expecting the worst — surely with tickets that cheap, the seats would have holes? In reality, though the theater was not only charming, but fairly clean. I had assumed the movies available would be from months ago, but in fact, they were fairly new releases.

2. The Rochester Public Market

Fair enough, this doesn’t really qualify as an “underrated” gem. However, the public market has a few extras that most people are largely unaware of. Every season, there are different weekly events that you can check out. In the spring and summer, there are multiple community garage sales and superfleas. Last fall, the weekly bands on bricks music event was well attended. During the winter, holidays at the market has been a great way for locals to check out stocking stuffers made by local vendors, pick out fresh wreaths, and try holiday food delicacies.

2. Rochester Food Trucks

Food trucks are on the up-and-up, yet many people seem surprised when I mention how Rochester has several great food trucks to its name. Granted, your work location might be the reason you haven’t checked out these mobile restaurants so far. If you get the chance, though, they’re definitely worth the trip. Among the highly recommended are Brick-n-Motor, which frequently sets up in the Saint Paul Quarter serving favorites like the duck taco, and Lettuce B. Frank, a vegetarian/vegan food truck that sets up on Winton Road and features tasty options like sweet potato focaccia, and black bean sliders.

Do you know any underrated gems in the city? Let us know in the comments!

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