What You Need to Know about Creative Marketing

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If you run a business, then chances are that the internet plays an important part. Some businesses use it to advertise and promote themselves, others use it sell their products, still others use it to communicate with there customers better. While there are no doubt many benefits of online marketing, the fact is that however your business uses the internet, chances are that you could probably be doing it better. Furthermore, using the internet better can make you more money.

The first thing you want to examine is your website. A website is likely the online face of your company. If your website is poorly designed and aesthetically uninteresting or downright ugly, then studies have shown that customers are likely to have a low opinion of your business. This is why it can be beneficial to work with a freelance graphic designer. Working with graphic designer can help to redesign your page so that it is more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The benefits to doing a simple redesign can be massive. In a recent study by Econsultancy Research, 78% of respondents said that a good website user experience was of high priority to them. Another study found that 61% of internet users will return to a site if it is navigable and readable.

While this many seem like an easy thing to do, the reality is that many businesses miss out. In fact, studies show that only 55% of companies in the United States their websites based on user experience. Simple steps, like the one above are part of what is called “creative marketing.” So what is creative marketing? Creative marketing is all about finding new ways to sell more products while spending less money to do it. The internet has been a huge catalyst for creative marketing. To learn more about what is creative marketing, search online. Remember that with the internet, you do not always have to spend a lot to make a lot.
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