An Intro to the Different Types of Pipe Flanges – Concordia Research

Flanges are not just a one-type-fits-all alternative fitting the idle flange style to some piping process, and intended usage will assure that the dependable performance of their process. There are different types of flanges, such as:

Blind flange: that they have been utilised to shut the end of plumbing or even to terminate pipe systems.
Lap-joint: requires butt welding of this stub end to the close of the pipe.
Slip on Flange: that they have been offered within an extensive range of measurements to adapt methods with important leak speed and throughput.
Socket Weld Flange: it truly is ideal for small pipe diameters in low-temperature and non invasive processes. It utilizes a socket weld joint to add the flange to the tube or pipe.
Weld Neck: Just like joint flanges, weld neck flanges call for butt welding to establish and build.

The wide selection of flanges offers a foundation for the reliable connecting of pipes and vessels. Hence, look at all facets before deciding on the flange to use for a piping setup. bss1vre54z.

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