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The top Minecraft server hosting websites are Apex Hosting, ScalaCube, BisectHosting, Hostinger, Hostinger, Sparked Host, and Sparked Host.

It is important to choose one that is equipped with a faster clock speed, and also supports more cores to be able to get a mod Minecraft server. The most common is a 2.4GHz OCTa-core will be better over one equipped with a 3.5 quad. Also, Minecraft server hosting dedicated IP refers to a server address that connects to the default Minecraft port. The default port differs according to the Minecraft versions each user has. The dedicated IP allows a server run on the default ports. Thus, the IP will indicate which port is accessible to the server. If the user is sending numerous emails, having the dedicated IP could prove extremely beneficial. But, it’s not recommended to choose Webhosting to transmit emails. This is why a user is not required to think regarding this while choosing an internet hosting provider, which includes Minecraft java modded server hosting. ft43gi5i7p.

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