A Laymans Introduction to Criminal Law –

ic concepts of criminal law?

Simply put, criminal law is the body of law and regulations that are geared towards handling criminal acts. If a person does not observe a rule of law applicable to crimes, the person is in violation of the law and can be tried under criminal law.

This is different from laws pertaining to civil matters, as it focuses in obtaining compensation for damages sustained or specific performances done for doing something wrong to another party. Civil law cases do not necessarily end on trial in a court. Normally, these cases get settled out of court and the parties involved negotiate agreements to comply with the wishes that the litigant.

Many criminal cases are taken to court. One of the main reasons our laws on criminal law are to help the person who committed the crime in need of reformation, stopping criminal acts, secure justice for those who committed the crime and also to deter new crimes from taking place.

These lawsuits are handled by attorneys who are experts in these types of lawsuits. Check out this video to learn more about the basic concepts that are part of the criminal legal system. bvlu27wqak.

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