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Law schools produce all kinds of lawyers, including criminal lawyers lawyer, business attorneys, defense lawyersand family attorneys bankruptcy lawyers and more.
The four students below answer several of the most commonly asked queries regarding law school. The answers they provide are humorous and informative. Three of the students are representing talent rights for artists and musicians. After seeing artists sign poor contracts that were not up to par, the students made this choice. They wanted to change this unfair advantage, and also help artists be aware of what they had agreed to, as well as better terms and conditions for the sharing of their work. Incredibly, none of the panelists have traditional career paths in law, such as the one of a criminal lawyer.
The four lawyers also and discussed what you have to be doing to qualify for law school. Their responses included:
High marks on the LSAT
Personal statements are important.
Respectful requirements are essential.

Another inquiry was about why certain people were able to receive greater punishments than others.
others. The panel answered that the sentence cannot be given for crimes based on the specific crime. Be sure to watch.

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