Raising the Roof for Charity – Daily Objectivist

Habitat STW received $55,000 in raffle tickets that will enable her to build her dream home.
The raffle tickets were advertised by Late 94.7 which is the community radio station. Laura was the beneficiary of this home because her son who has special needs required an environment that was safe and had particular needs and adjustments, and Habitat STW provided these. Additionally, she chose her preferred school district where she lived.
Raising the Roof for Charity Foundation has chosen Habitat STW to build one of the houses or roofs. This time around it’s an extra opportunity to win an amazing three-bedroom, 3-bathroom built house that is custom designed and constructed in Southern Oaks in Madisonville. In this month, you have an opportunity to be a an integral part of this wonderful tradition and enter your name for tickets for just $100 this is less than that amount they would have cost in 2018. (and do not forget that every credit card participant gets 5% off). Participants will be automatically entered to the drawing and may take home a prize! xnuz4ez3ps.

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