Remedies for Lower Back Pain – How To Stay Fit

Here are some simple remedies for back pain.

Solution 1: Try your pelvic tilt. This can activate your trunk and core that allows you to engage the muscles together. It’s among the highly sought out treatments for back pain relief.

2. If you’re working for long periods of time, then the next option is to put a cushion in your lower back. If you suffer from tailbone issues, this solution could be helpful.

The third remedy is to turn your back. If you’re comfortable, it can be done in between 5-10 seconds.

The remedy 4: Hamstring stretch is among the most effective back pain remedies as it is a problem for the lower back. In order to instantly feel relief in your lower back Bend your knees to the hips.

Remedy 5: Piriformis stretch. You can perform the piriformis stretching by cross-legged in 4 points. Then, straighten your back and then lean forward towards your knee while holding the figure four shape. For 30 to 45 seconds keep this posture and then do three sets. You can feel relief from your lower back region.

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