The Difference Between Commercial Flat Roof Repairs and Overlays – CEXC

It is essential to know the difference between flat roof overlays as well as flat roof repairs. This video will educate you what options are available for commercial roof repair and how a roofing professional can determine which repairs are appropriate for your particular situation.
Flat roofs can reduce around 50% of the cost of repairs. Most roofing companies don’t provide this kind of repair. Yet, it’s worth it to connect with one that provides this kind of service. This video informative is simple for you to see and easy to grasp. The video explains exactly what this method does. In this video, we also discuss the advantages of this roof repair option, and how it can restore your roof back to its original state.
In order to help you understand your options, a commercial roofing contractor will guide you through the process of a commercial roofing job. A roof overlay is explained in this video , and explains why you should choose this type of roofing.
This video will provide you with all of the details to make educated decision about roofing repairs.

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