A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon – health-SPLASH


The role of an orthopedic surgeon is? A doctor who is orthopedic can help treat multiple bone-related injuries and issues. In particular, it’s the best practice after an athletic injury to see the orthopedic doctor. They’re the specialists who offer treatment for injuries from athletics as well as breaks, sprains, and other bone fractures.

These specialists often work closely with physical therapists and other medical professionals as part of the team that treats patients.

A typical day for surgeons is one full of surgical consultations, patient procedures and recording, diagnosis in record-keeping, the need to consult. This clip takes you on a tour of what it’s like become an expert surgeon.

This video is a video of an resident physician who discusses one day in his life with the viewers in order to demonstrate what a typical 24-hour shift looks exactly like. The MedSchool Insiders documentary is stunning it will allow you to appreciate the work involved in residency. Check out the video right now to take a peek inside the day-to-day life of this surgeon.


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