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We’ll look at how facelifts have been performed in the past.

A facelift technique that was first developed and could be performed was referred to as a skin-only lift. For this type of procedure, surgeons removed small pieces of the skin. They would, in turn, lift the remainder of the face.

The video explains, that in 1973, a surgeon identified as Tord Skoog was able to discover that, instead of pulling on the skin, pulling on the muscle tissue produced better results. By looking at this procedure other surgeons also gave names for the layer of muscle that Skoog applied. This is the area of the facelift that surgeons are focused on, known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic systems (SMAS).

This article will focus on the final process, which is known as high-SMAS lift. The procedure involves taking off the skin and bringing the SMAS higher up on the face to make it tighter.

All in all, facelifts were a part of society throughout the years. With the advancement of technology and as our knowledge of medical science grew, new ways to complete the procedure were developed and perfected into what we have today.


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