Tips for Portable Restroom Rentals – BF Plumbing Durham

Be aware of the anticipated number of attendees and how often they’ll need to use the bathroom. People typically use the toilet each time they go to the bathroom for three hours. The frequency may be higher during events where a lot of drinking happens. If this is the case there may be a need to purchase more toilets. For events lasting up to six hours, one bathroom per 100 attendees is plenty.

The toilets must be placed so that the technicians who are servicing them will be able to access them quickly. The fencing should be at least 50 inches of clearance. Also, the owner of the portable potty needs be thinking about adding other security devices if they are concerned about the chance that someone would attempt to use the potties without authorization. In addition, locks are provided so the customers renting portable toilets aren’t worried about people trespassing overnight. For those who aren’t willing to shell out the additional cost may want to think about using zip ties to keep people out. These are also very effective.


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