What is 3003 Aluminum? – Reference Video.net

operaties to suit various purposes. There are different kinds of aluminum to choose from. This is the information to keep in mind when contemplating aluminum 3003.

This is the most widely utilized compound among all aluminum alloys. It is nearly pure aluminum but has the addition of manganese which is what makes it extremely tough. The manganese addition alone improves the strength of the material by around 20% in comparison to an 1100 grade alloy. While it is able to react well with chemical and organic finishes, there may be some coloration.

The alloy 3003 has a robust structure but is an alloy that is relatively soft aluminum. This can lead to being scratched by machinery as well as other metals that are harder. This alloy is commonly used for cooking and eating tools, chemical equipment, container for food, pressure vessels tank, sheet metal and cabinets. It’s able to bend easily at a cold temperature which makes it suitable to make products that aren’t completely flat.

Check this video out to find out what you need to know about a 3003 alloy, before you choose to buy. Speak to the manufacturer for the most suitable choice and cost in your local area.


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