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You can do this yourself! This Old House video explains the steps involved in making a DIY stump or tree removal.

Like other particular yard tasks, this type of work requires no large amount of specialized equipment. It is much easier to remove a taller stump than one that is smaller. It is recommended to work around the tree stump to make the root more easily accessible, and also ensuring they’re not buried from view by rocks, dirt or any other thing. It is simpler to remove the rest of the stump out of the surface.

The procedure is lengthy, therefore be patient! There is a possibility of hiring an expert tree removal company if you’re not in a position to complete the task. If you’re short on patience, make sure you plan to work for a few hours so that you can complete the task.

For cutting smaller roots, you could use large shears. It will free up the vast majority of the stump from the Earth. Once you’ve finished that along with the digging, you may need to make use of a battery powered blade for separating the stump from the bigger roots.

For more information, check out this helpful video! x91ly2klaq.

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