What to Expect Being a Home Health Aid – UNM Continuing Education


The field requires experienced professionals. Experts in the field. Institute on Aging estimates that 5.5 million Americans aged 85+ in the year 2010. This 85+ age group is expected to grow by 19 million Americans which is 5 percent of the population by 2050. The involvement in home safety aids comes with the determination to spread healthy lifestyle tips especially for yourself, but also to the person being cared for by you. Store associates at medical supply can help you pick out the right mobility equipment for your loved patient or friend. As a part of homecare services, nutrition care can play a significant role. Patients could have special food needs. A health professional at home is responsible for providing companionship and the preparation of medications. It is vital to be able to demonstrate certain skills such as communication, time management, along with physical strength to help patients be mobile. If you want to pursue a career within this field, take into consideration the training plan that includes the home care cirriculum.

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