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It needs concentration. Ask this Old House shares a tankless water heater install video.

Take out the old heating
You can either do this yourself, or contact an electrician for electrical.

Set up the tankless water heater.
The unit with the brand name can be set on the wall with studs, or placed directly against a wall or drywall. Pipes for water are connected to the water heater. The utility pipe must be linked to the water heater’s outlet. Fix shutoff valves on both pipes.

Join fittings with unions to create the final fixes to the pipes. The water will circulate through the heater by opening the faucets and water valves. Removing and replacing the inline filter. Turn off the water valves, and then switch on electricity and gas. To ensure that the water unit works well, make sure to test it.

If you decide to work on it on his own should follow the instructions carefully or look up the tankless water heater installation on the video. g1js5lqrpb.

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