Be Careful Repairing Your Wall Outlet – Awkward Family Photos

Irring, or even the outlet itself. Thankfully, wall outlets and the wiring that goes with them are inexpensive. Repairing problems by just replacing the outlet. However, it can be risky working in the presence of electrical power. You could injure yourself or even die. This is the reason it’s usually a good idea to have trained electrical repair professionals handle these problems instead. But, if you do decide to do the work your own, make sure you are aware of these three common mistakes.

You should always turn off the power. This will help prevent getting injured. Then, remove the wires and outlet with care. There is a need to connect the wiring to the outlet. Common mistakes include using the wrong size hook to attach the wire. Be careful not to make it shorter or longer. Too long and something could break. If the connection is not long enough then the connection won’t be ideal. You can view the remainder of the video and learn more about the most common issues.


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