Stop Making These Family Room Design Mistakes! – Interstate Moving Company

to host guests. Many homeowners fall into the trap of making their living spaces look formal and uncomfortably casual. You should remodel your entire family room in the event that you are planning to redecorate. Couches can make the big difference, or even a simple coat of paint on your walls. In this video this video, we’ll examine the top mistakes people face while rethinking their living room or family areas.

One of the biggest mistakes that will alter the appearance of your lounge area is artwork that has been hang improperly. The wall art is either crooked or hangs too low, too high, or unsuitably hung This mistake could throw your whole space off-balance. Each family room must be centered around a focal point. You can choose to have the TV, fireplace or a bookcase containing a variety of books. If not, the room will look odd and chaotic. Also, the pillows you throw around should be different in their size!


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