Try These Fun Crafts With Your Leftover Tiles! – Art Magazines Online

with your construction leftovers and supplies. When it comes to doing tiles for a backsplash or a new floor, there is a good chance that you will have lots of tiles left over. It’s not necessary to throw them out. Do you want to make some cool designs or even craft the tiles? In this short video, we examine several creative ideas to give some new life to the ceramic tiles that you’d usually throw in the garbage disposal.

The most efficient way to reuse your tiles is by giving them a good coating before you make them into coasters. The tiles can be used in any form of tile to make a coaster. The hexagonal and textured tiles will add an elegant and contemporary look on your coffee table. Also, you can utilize your leftover tiles to line the bottom of a wooden tray, which makes a great accent piece to decorate your bathroom or kitchen. Simply pasting a magnet to the reverse of a tile turns it into a trendy refrigerator gadget, and using tiles to decorate the mirror in your bathroom will make it unique. If you’re lucky enough to own a number of tiles and a vase, they can be turned into an original decoration.


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