What Happens When Your Windshield is Repaired? – Daves Auto Glass Repair


can be fixed or replaced quickly before it becomes it becomes a serious issue. This video shows what an affordable auto glass repair looks like.

The way the glass is repaired is based on the type of crack. There is a myriad types of cracks. Some calls to replace the entire glass, while others simply need to be coated with resin. This car has a tiny crack that just needs to be filled with resin. Repairman arrives, and talks to the owner. He lets her know the procedure and risks of the process (the windshield may crack as he’s filling it with resin).

The repairman will inspect the entire car before attaching a specialized tool to remove the moistness from the crack. The resin can be used to close the crack. Following that, the repairman cleans every window.

Next, the resin is then injected into the crack using the specially designed tool. Then, the resin is removed and cleaned through the repairsman. After he covers it with a protective layer repairman cures it using the UV light. Voila! Fixed windshield.


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