What You Should Know About the Fertilization Process – Family Magazine

The YouTube video “How Does Fertilizer works”, explains the process for fertilizer application, and how it’s created.

Two types of nutrients can be found in fertilizers: macronutrients and micronutrients. Plants require high amounts of the former, and lower quantities of the latter to ensure the proper development. The macronutrients are sodium potassium, and phosphorous. Micronutrients are iron, molybdenum and manganese.

There are two kinds of fertilizers: Straight ones with only one nutrient , and mixed fertilizers which provide three nutrients (i.e. NPK). Most fertilizers come in bags which show a fertilizer ratio. This ratio is printed on the bags , and generally comprises three numbers with an additional number in brackets. Each of the numbers in the ratio indicates the precise concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, as well as potassium. Each bracket is a representation of the amount of nutrients that are available in 1 kg fertilizer.

The particular requirements for each plant determine which fertiliser that will work best for them. Whatever you decide on you should ensure that your fertilizer use is planned to obtain desired results.


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