Couple Has Collected Over 1,000 Police Patches – Best Online Magazine

rly unique collection. Police patches are part of a typical collection. Police patches are each unique in both shape and appearance. Each patch is meticulously planned through. Each company that makes patches needs to take into consideration the symbolism that goes into each design. Each patch should also be able to comply with the quality requirements of the police department. Each patch is as a work of art. Additionally, it’s art work that is meaningful to those who own it. Police badges represent a symbol of calm, security, as well as protection against evil.

In the clip, the couple started with a couple of patches in a present. Particularly, they were patches that were from The Live PD show on television. But this wasn’t the end. To add to their patch collection, the couple began seeking patches from various police departments. The couple began receiving hundreds of patches through mail much to their delight. The majority of patches arrived free of charge. Over time, this collection has grown to almost a 1,000 patches that are proudly displayed on the walls of their home.


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