Propane Safety Tips for Summer BBQs – Food Magazine

using propane, there are certain aspects you’ll need be aware of. Keep reading to learn some propane safety tips for the summer BBQs.

The propane tank should be stored outside. In order to store it, for inspections, and refills purposes, the propane tank must be kept outside. Don’t bring it into your residence for any reason.

The second thing to do is keep the propane tank upright. It cannot be left unattended while the tank is not in use.

Also, make sure to check for any leaks every so frequently. Though you’re not likely to be able to smell propane, it’s feasible to identify leaks. It’s as easy as gentle spraying of soapy water over the tank. The tank should not be used tank if you see bubbles.

Fourth, be aware of when using the propane tank. Be alert to any smells or smells in the vicinity of your propane tank. If you encounter any issue, turn the valve off immediately.

You can watch the video to see more safety tips regarding propane grills for summer.


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