Motor Oil Is More Important than You May Realize

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Everything from cars to snowmobiles to generators requires motor oil. In fact, all internal combustion engines use motor oil. Unfortunately, all most people know about motor oil is that they should change it in their car every so often. However, motor oil actually plays an important part in your automobile's engine. It helps start your car, keeps engine parts lubricated, reduces friction, protects against rust and corrosion, keeps your engine parts clean, reduces combustion chamber deposits, cools your engine, and more. Needless to say, without motor oil, your engine would not run very well. Not all motor oil is created equally though. Motor oil is graded by viscosity on a scale from 0 to 25, increasing in increments of 5. Some motor oils also feature the letter "W" alongside their…
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Be Responsible Recycling Your Oil with a Purpose

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The best oil change service is probably the one that can combine some level of cost efficiency with recycling and responsibility. Most people just think that motor oil is meant to lube the engine, but it actually serves many other purposes. Among these, it is meant to make things run smoothly and reduce friction as well as keeping off the rust. There are a lot of things that people should keep in mind when they are applying engine oil for the first time. For example, the W on the oil stands for winter, rather than weight, which many people mistake it for. Americans use well over 1 billion gallons of motor oil every year, but they should make sure that the oil is disposed of in a responsible way. API…
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