Not Sure What Kinds of Pedals Are Out There?

Breedlove c25, Pigtronix disnortion, Walrus audio pedals
People have been making musical effects in strange ways for decades. Did you know that guitarist Duane Eddy once outfitted a 500-gallon metal water tank with a speaker at one end, and a microphone at the other, and used it as a recording chamber? Not to mention that the first guitar effects tools were built directly into the guitar in the 1930s, which made the instrument bulky, heavy, and hard to play? Then, during the 50s and 60s, the electric guitar's popularity skyrocketed, making it a main instrument in American pop music production. With the electric guitar, musical effects became easier to produce, and eventually led the way to pedals. For musicians just starting off, often the effects on their amplifiers are satisfactory, but once they feel the need to…
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