Three reasons why you should try hummus

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Hummus is a famous Arabic and mid Eastern dip. It is also commonly known as hummus dips. Generally a serving of hummus is topped with chopped parsley, paprika and other ingredients. The variety is the reason why there are many hummus recipes today. This is also the reason why there are many cuisines or recipes using hummus. The earliest recipe that resembles the modern day hummus dates back to thirteenth century Egypt. Today, hummus has become popular not just in the Middle East but across the globe. For example, in 2008, the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade received a petition from the Association of Lebanese Industrialist to protect the status of hummus as a uniquely Lebanese food. Another example is shown in the increase in consumption of hummus. In…
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How oil containment booms work

Oil spill cleanup materials, Oil spill control, Spill response plan
When accidents such as oil spills occur, or other materials spill and are threaten to contaminate, having a practical, usable barrier or curtain can help in the clean up or maintenance of the area. Oil containment boom, also known as turbidity curtains, silt barriers, and silt curtains in the industry are made to contain and control the dispersion of floating turbidity and silt in a water body related to marine construction, pile driving, site work and dredging. Turbidity curtains are used during bridge construction, dam removal, marina or harbor maintenance or restoration, terminal projects, ferry landings, pipeline crossings, coastal and shoreline restoration and rehabilitation and intake construction. The process of controlling turbidity and silt or oil at a site might involve silt or oil containment boom, oil skimmers and oil…
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