Specialty Produce Makes Scrumptious Recipes

Micro herbs

Specialty produce is not actually a new invention. As a matter of fact candied flowers such as violets were considered a delicacy during the Victorian period; candied violets are still made today by some confectioners, though it takes a lot of patience to create them. Often when you talk about edible flowers people turn up their noses; who would eat a flower after all? If you take the time to know what they are you will want one without ever even having tried it.

Crystallized or caramelized edible flowers are coated in a solution of sugar and then dried. They make the perfect complement to any dessert; can be used in drinks and look lovely on a cheese plate. Even the description of the process of making this specialty produce is mouthwatering. Sugar flowers are another type of flowers that are edible and believe it or not you can even get edible flowers for salads.

Another form of specialty produce that is popular and tastes succulent are micro greens. Don’t get microgreens confused with sprouts. Sprouts are germinated in water only long enough for them to grow roots, a stem, and light pale leaves. Microgreens on the other hand need to have soil; sunlight and they need to grow for at least seven days before you harvest them. This specialty produce can last for five to seven days, at times even longer according to the variety, if you keep them in the refrigerator and properly cooled. Microgreens add an enticing flavor to soups, stews, salads and seafood dishes and are just the type of specialty produce many people want on their dinner table.

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