Dental Spas and Medical Construction

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The dental industry tops 111 billion dollars in the United States. That represents significant growth for medical construction companies as they find ways to increase dental office construction and upgrade current facilities. Portland dental construction companies are potentially helping local facilities benefit from this growing specialization. Since each dental office will have their own focus on the different services, design and construction can take into account the amount of cosmetic (more…)
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Find the Right People to Ensure Success

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HOW TO HIRE A SALES REP Every business owner, whether he has four employees or four million employees, has first hand knowledge of the difficulty in figuring out how to hire a sales rep. Substandard employees in your sales department can sink your company in a variety of ways. Incompetence is only one of them (though it is a dangerous one. Can you believe that only twenty percent of sales leads are actually ever pursued? Imagine if you could boost that number by a significant margin?). Beyond incompetence, there is the issue of massive turnover. How many times have you put forth the money to search for, interview, hire and train an employee, only to have that employee leave in a matter of months (if not weeks, days, or in…
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Locate Disability Lawyers in Phoenix AZ

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Disability law, for the most part, is centered on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Also called ADA, this act prohibits discrimination against any person who has a disability. Discrimination protection extends to finding a job, being granted housing on a lease or as an owner, enrolling for education at any school or receiving access to public services from government operated agencies. It is considered a civil rights law, as it protects against discrimination based on physical or mental disabilities. The power of the ADA extends to every state. Federal regulations stipulate most of the groundwork for protection against people with disabilities. However, there are unique rules at the state level as well. Most state funded institutions, including universities, technical institutes, publi (more…)
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